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Why is Email Marketing Crucial?

No matter how you look at it, email isn’t dead. The truth of the matter is that your target audience still checks their emails on a daily basis. Your customers want to receive emails from you, but they only want to receive valuable content. You’ll be glad to know that our team will help you create email campaigns your target audience will read and love. With us, you can rest assured your emails will not go unread or end up in the spam box.You’re probably wondering: why is email marketing still important when social media is taking over the web? The answer is simple: email marketing works! Here are some stats that’ll open your eyes wide to email marketing:


Email is still one of the best ways to reach and market to your leads and existing customers directly. In fact, email marketing can deliver higher Returns-on-Investment (ROIs) than other marketing strategies like paid ads. It’s simple, effective, and unsurprisingly inexpensive. Growing a robust email list can take lots of time and specialized skills that you might not have. That’s where SEO for Ranks email marketing experts come in handy. We shall leverage our expertise and the latest best practices to build your subscriber list and come up with an email marketing strategy that’ll increase your Click-Through-Rate and generate more conversions.Seo for Ranks also specializes in email automation and drip campaigns, allowing you to send an automatic flow of emails to your segmented email list.

A whopping 91% of adult consumers check their emails daily

85% of consumers say they’d like to receive important emails from brands they do business with

More than 30% of consumers have bought a product/service from email campanies

There are over 9 billion active email accounts in all over country

On average, email marketing delivers remarkable 4400% ROI

Key Features of Our Email Marketing

At SEO for Ranks, we pride ourselves on being a goal-oriented email marketing agency. Our turnkey email marketing solutions will help generate more leads, conversions, and sales. In other words, our email marketing service will help you grow your email list and create emails that entice people to take action, whether to buy your products, sign up for your seminar, and so forth. We’ll help you craft attention-grabbing newsletters to make sure that you stay top of mind There are some key features of email marketing:

Email list building and segmentation

Email marketing automation

Email marketing strategy creation and implementation

Email campaign development

Real-time email marketing analytics

What are you waiting for? Contact us today so we can take your business to the next level with email marketing.

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